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Vole sex…

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Was indeed completely unintentional (and the closest I came to losing my composure on stage). We’d practiced for all sorts of eventualities – including opening SF Gate and finding some really downer depressing news. We never practiced for a news story that might make me want to giggle. Well, I hope this shows it really […]

Mama, tell me a story!

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Last year a letter from the editors in Ergonomics in Design sparked my interest. Unfortunately I didn’t get around to commenting on it then due to a slight significant imbalance in my work and life. Today I have more work, and (with the arrival of our new daughter) quite a bit more life, but I […]

Frank Rose writes about Second Life

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In the last issue of Wired, Frank Rose, one of their regular reporters, tackles the topic of Second Life – specifically the frenzy of attempts by big businesses to establish their brands and create a presence there. As Frank uncovers, this frenzy is driven as much by the fear of missing out on the next […]

Callooh! Callay! O frabjous day!

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Domain is ready, WordPress is setup, now all I need to do is get the old blog entires online.

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