Vole sex…

Was indeed completely unintentional (and the closest I came to losing my composure on stage). We’d practiced for all sorts of eventualities – including opening SF Gate and finding some really downer depressing news.

We never practiced for a news story that might make me want to giggle. Well, I hope this shows it really was live! (^_^);;

9 Responses to “Vole sex…”

  1. Cooknn

    Great job with your presentation at CES! Palm’s webOS is amazing. I’m a Mac user that never took the iPhone plunge, but I guarantee you the next phone I buy will be the Palm Pre. I like your quote from 2007 “I expect we’re soon going to be using UI that’s more Minority Report than OS X on our devices”. You were dead on 😛 What’s it like working with Rubinstein? It almost seems like Apple has had their time in the spotlight. Maybe it’s time for you and Ruby to drive tech for a while. Good luck!

  2. Viveka Weiley

    Bravo, and thank you for the WebOS user experience design. It’s great to see real paradigm-nudging progress. The WIMP has served us well these 40 years (counting from Englebart’s mother of all demos), but we’re overdue for new ideas and I’m delighted that you’re getting some into production on the Palm Pre. I have an iPhone, but I want your device now, and it’s the interaction design that has me sold. Ten points to Gryffindor.

  3. Joseph Palmer

    I just watched the CES Video on the Palm Website.

    Wow. I’m stunned.

    It’s everything the Sidekick should have become. Hell, It’s what all computers should become.


  4. Tobia Sloth

    Hello Matias.
    I just watched the presentation, of Palm pre.
    Nice and easy, although i suspect a lot of work went into it!
    The OS seems like it was built by taking the best from the iphone os, and shredding all the rest, which makes sense, like using “page flipping” in the browser mode, and applying it across the palm, OS.
    But what brings it home is the clear passion of the whole team for simplicity of use, and giving technology a human touch, with gestures, and universal search/synergy
    which exactly addresses my biggest issues with the iphone.
    The fact is the universe tends towards increased complexity and synergy and the hypercard “stack ” metaphor adresses the issue by maing the pre an extension of the web, like an in & output machine in tune with the user.
    becoming an extension device of all the information available on the web.
    I truly hope some of these features will be inspiring other manufacturers out there,
    as well as computers and that this sets a new standard for the way input devices are created going forward.


  5. Cooknn

    Hey, Matias – here’s a request that will definitely enhance the user experience with the Palm Pre. Give us a profile that turns off e-mail and text message alert sounds but leaves the ringer on. Blackberry does it. My crap Samsung doesn’t. I don’t even think the iPhone does it.

    Last night a friend at a hockey game (who had too much to drink) kept texting me after midnight when I was trying to sleep. I had to turn off my phone. What then, if someone needed to call me in an emergency situation?

  6. Tom Chi

    Matias, congrats on the Google gig! I haven’t heard your name since Montgomery Blair Physics Team. Glad to hear that you’re still using that artistic eye.

  7. Robert

    Dear Mr. Duarte,

    I loved the elegant UI of webOS. I noticed you have user interface/experience and industrial design listed as part of your skills/experience on your LinkedIn profile but your resume says you majored in Computer Science. Were those types of design incorporated into the computer science program? If not, did you study them on your own. I’m asking because I would like to become a designer (preferably user interface/ecperience and indistrial) and was wondering what major you would recommend? Also, if you would recommend your favorite books on design I would appreciate that.

    Thank you,

  8. Smith

    I saw the page switching ui for reading pdfs/books and got really disappointed. Could you perhaps have an optional future-y method? Such as though the pages are bound together in a continuous manner on the inside of a wheel rim (with the reader in the center). I think that would be a much less distracting/cool looking animation. I’m sorry to whine, it’s just that I hate page turning animations in general.

  9. Ivan collado

    Matias, es un orgullo saber que eres Chileno, por eso me animo a escribirte y pedirte algo, pero no te asustes, no es dinero, te cuento que yo vivo en Coyhaique Patagonia Chilena, y trabajo en Inacap, donde coordino la carrera de Informatica, aca los alumnos muchas veces sienten que por la lejania tienen limitaciones y se da mucho hoy en la juventud la falta de sueños que seguir y por los cuales dar el 110% de uno, yo soy feliz ayudando con un granito de arena en la educacion de Jovenes, que no tienen la oportunidad de Salir de la Patagonia y por eso creen que estan limitados, Tu eres un Ejemplo para nosotros como Chilenos, de lo que puedes lograr cuando trabajas y cuando tienes la valentia de seguir tus sueños ( no se si era el tuyo estar donde estas hoy ) , por eso si algun dia tienes un tiempo, queria pedirte si a travez de algun programa de videocall, pudieras darnos unas palabras a mis alumnos y contarles del mundo fuera, de la vida de un profesional de la TI, del trabajo impresioante que realizas y darles unas palabras de motivacion, para que se atrevan a soñar y trabajar por ello, yo no puedo ofrecer nada a cambio, solo mi eterno agradecimiento.

    Disculpa estas palabras.
    Saludos desde la Patagonia Chilena

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