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Ar Ee Es Pee Ee See Tee

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Like the song goes, we all just want a little bit. Somehow I’d missed this very nice little bit of it last year posed by Shawn Conahan on the Intercasting Corp blog. “Matias Duarte, VP of Experience Design at Helio, is an indisputably innovative industrial designer … His kung fu is strong, all must respect […]

Math is hard

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With the recent release of Helio numbers you see a lot of journalists trying to dissect what it all means. Ryan Kim of S.F. Gate sums it all up pretty well. “Perhaps the bigger news is the money the company is generating from its growing user base. The company said it is generating monthly revenue […]

Did I really say that?

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Jeff Howe of Print Magazine sniffs out the possibility that there might be some design involved in all those cell phones out there. Yours truly gets off a few choice quotes. “It’s an interesting time for mobile design,” says Matias Duarte, chief designer at Helio, a U.S. cellular carrier operated by South Korean phone giant […]

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