Wait for it…

Now, gosh durn it, I didn’t really resurrect this blog purely for narcissistic sycophantic adoration. I am however a little bit bandwidth congested in real life, so I find myself only occasionally motivated enough to add something.

This little motivating something is a mention by the folks at Engadget on their podcast. You’ll have to wait for it but it pops up at around the 32:22 mark. I personally enjoyed the chummy first name basis they adopt. Or perhaps it’s more of a single name denoting ubiquitousness, like Prince or Fridgidare?

In any case, I suppose it’s human nature to conceive of new products or even new product categories in terms of what has come before. When we were making the Sidekick, the intent was never to create a “Blackberry-killer” or “Treo-killer,” despite the desire of some investors. The product category is not defined in terms of superficial attributes, but rather user benefits. It’s not two “QWERTY Smart Phones,” but rather “Business Email Mobile” and “Consumer Messaging Mobile.”

We were blue ocean strategists before it was trendy!

5 Responses to “Wait for it…”

  1. Joseph Palmer

    So the big question is: Can I load my Harui wallpaper onto the keyboard equipped Helio?

  2. matias


    Oh, and you can also save any image you find on the web and set it as your wallpaper via a simple menu command and without any of that hidden feature baloney.

  3. Joseph Palmer

    Yo. Happy Ocean Bornday! Now… BLOG IT!

  4. Adriana Pavlova

    Hello, I am a journalist in Brazil and I am preparing an article about design and technology for a special edition of Veja, Brazil’s number one weekly magazine (with an estimated 5 million readers a week). I would like to send some questions to Mr Matias Duarte. Could you give me his contacts (email is ok).
    Best regards,
    Adriana Pavlova
    Tel/fax: (005511) 3045 1844
    Cel: (005511) 8333 8594

  5. Eduardo Ascencio

    Hola Matias como te va?, te escribo desde Puerto Montt, Chile; quizas no tomes muy en cuenta este mail, pero tengo la intención de poder entrevistarte para mi blog, sería un gran honor poder contar contigo. Te dejo mi correo y espero tus comentarios.
    Un gran abrazo a la distancia.



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